management conference

Dr. Ahmet Sekreter

He has PhD from mathematics, economics and finance respectively. He worked in universities in Georgia, Turkey,and Kurdistan/Iraq. He has been working on a scientific project in Free University of Berlin as an guest scientist for the last three years.

management conference

Dr. Lamia Nedil

Doctorate researcher in Economics, Management and Commercial Sciences. Option: Management by Quality, member Loboratory of Quantitative Economics Applied to Developement ( LEQAD) in Hih National School in Statistics and Applied Economics, Algeria since 2017, member in Laboratory of Managerial Innovation, Governance and Entrepreneurship (LIMGE) since 2021, Algeria, holder of severel university and professional degrees in statistics, economics, management and busines science, have a several international certificates, i have been a temporary teacher since 2017, I have has held several positions since 2009 in various telecom companies, today I’m responsible in the Algeria Telecom group, my skills are in statey, integrated management systems especially in the hydrocarbons sector and the Telecom sector.

Ms. Sauda Nerjaku

She holds a master degree in Mathematics (Msc in Mathematics) from University of Tirana, and works at Faculty of Economy ,University of Tirana as an Assistant Lecturer. She had participated in other conferences. Math is her passion and her desire now is to gain a schoolarship for doctoral studies in Applied Math.

Ms. Faten Alzazah

Faten Alzazah received the B.S. degree in computer science from Alzaytoonah University, Amman, Jordan, in 2007, and the master’s degree in computer science from New York Institute of Technology , New York, USA, in 2009. She is currently a Ph.D. student at Middlesex University, London, UK . Her research interest include deep learning, market prediction, text mining.

Ms. Sophia Zhou

Sophia Zhou is a student researcher at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She is also currently a research intern at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Her research work has been published in the Journal of Safety Science and Resilience, Global Journal of Business Research and presented at the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference 2021; 10th International Conference on Data Science, Technology and Applications (DATA 2021); Asian Network 2021 Annual Conference; and ASEE NE 2020 Annual Conference.