Prof. Dr. Yohann Mauger

Chair of a division in International Management and Ethics at The Academy of Management.

Presentation Title

Necessary Soft Skills to succeed in Higher Education

Dr. Mauger did not follow the traditional trajectory of a business professor.

In fact, he transitioned from being a professional athlete competing in different countries to becoming a university professor by getting his PhD in Paris, France. In addition, he is the founder and CEO of a startup specialized in scientifically assessing soft skills in the sports industry (Hive Skills), working with professional sports teams and individual high performance athletes and executives. In 8 years, as a consultant, he supported teams win 8 national championships in 7 different countries. In 2020, his newly created startup was recognized by winning best startup in Ohio.

This success is based on his research interests focusing on decision making at both the individual and organization level. 


  • His work primarily investigates the decisions of athletes and job seekers, using the signaling theory and soft skills in recruiting (HR/Organizational Behavior).
  • At the organization level, Dr. Mauger investigates ecosystems through smart cities projects and sports leagues’ organizations (Strategy/International Management).
  • His diversity of interests got recognized by presentations at conferences like The Academy of Management, Academy of International Business, where his work won best paper finalist in 2019, or publications in journals like Technology Analysis and Strategic Management.
  • His expertise as a researcher has been recognized internationally with an advising position at The University of Sao Paulo to support PhD students. 
  • As a teacher, after teaching at The Universite de Rouen Normandie and NEOMA Business School in France, he moved to the US to work at The University of Akron before joining NKU in 2019. He also teaches seminars and online classes for schools in Europe, Asia and Africa.
  • He is also the Chair of a division in International Management and Ethics at The Academy of Management.
  • Finally, he continues to give keynote speeches and/or train different audiences on the scientific ways of measuring soft skills to optimize performance.
  • He was a keynote speaker at major companies like, but not limited to Mercedes (automotive), Major League Soccer (sport), Credit Agricole (banking), SwissLife (Insurance) and GoodYear Tires (rubber).